Anime Athens Festival

This a school work i did its about a fictional anime festival located in Athens - Greece


Anime (the Japanese wordfor animation) exploded in the mid of the 20thcentury taking over Europe and the US and now is a part of ourlives. Whatever we knew about it or not many of us grow up watchinganime. As a anime fun i decided to create afestival about anime. Through my research i did i didn'tfind any other relevant festival so it was an opportunity for me tocreate one from scratch.

At the beginningi was going to create only the festival posters but on the way idecided to create the whole branding of the festival and thepromotion of it. Through this i want to push my self to the limitsand trying to aply what i have learn the past few years and trying toexperiment with new stuff.

The festival will takeplace for only three days and there will be manga (Japanese comicbooks) showrooms, workshops where the visitor can see how animeseries are made, of course the are will beprojections of anime series and coming soon trailers,gaming area anda live music scene every night from Greek artists and Japaneseartists as special guests.

The festivals is aimed atpeople from three years old to forty years old since anime series isnot aimed just for children but also adults unlike American cartoonsthat are intended only for children.
So i had to createsomething appealing and attractive to mytarget group so the difficulty level goes up up as the target groupis quite large.
Startingfrom the name i decided to call the festival Anime Athens Festival orAnimea briefly through many other names because i think is easy toremember.I tried to designsomething that shows the distribution of the behavior and characterof the festival, creating something that would draw the attention andis easy to remember and to associate with the festival as thebranding of the company is much more than a simple logo and require acoordinated effort that integrates each element of marketing. Thisdoes not mean that it must cost millions and take years to produce,but it is important to identify and confirm the central values offestival. I try to focus as much as I can with to my target groupkeeping the message simple and focus the festival them. Soin conjunction with its strategic advertising and promotions to beable to attract people to come to the festival and pass their timepleasantly.

Mypurpose is as a designer to be able to handle the challenge to createthe whole branding of the festival trying to learn new things becausei believe that if you have the chance to create something like thisfor real is a great opportunity for a designer to show what is ableto to do because there are countless things to do do and implementvirtually all areas of graphic design.

It's something I always wanted todo so with the first opportunity that I found I decided to createthis festival.

This is a fictional festival that i create for school purposes

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